Tips on How to Bring Tabbed Browsing to All Windows 10 Apps and Programs

TidyTabs transplants this idea from web browsers to the Windows interface. Now, not just Windows Explorer or a handful of programs — TidyTabs brings tabbed browsing to all your running programs.


Install the 6 MB program and it starts doing its work behind the scene. The software runs from the System Tray. You can always right-click on the icon and get to the settings. After installation, tabs are added automatically to each window. The translucent tabs appear when you hover the mouse over the title bar of any software.

  • Grab the draggable tab and drop them next to another program window to make your tabbed group.
  • Tabbed programs can be moved from one group and joined to another with the same drag and drop.
  • For faster tabbed groups, create an auto-grouped list of programs you would like to work together with.
  • TidyTabs allows you to set up whitelists and blacklists to completely control the applications it should show tabs and for which, it shouldn’t.

All the default behaviors of TidyTabs can be changed from the Settings. For instance, you can change the transparency of the tabs or display tabs for single windows.


TidyTabs has free and commercial versions. The free version is limited in features and allows groups of only three windows. The Pro version offers tab re-ordering, tab names, and multi-monitor support among other features. Try out the free version and then decide if you would like to part with $9.00 and take a shot at improving your productivity.

You could recoup those few dollars in saved time when you work with a lot of windows. For instance, if you research a lot then you can create a workflow with a word processor, an image editor, a notepad file etc. and automatically launch them as a tabbed group. Those few seconds can add up.