Now These 5 apps are killing your battery

You probably already knew about those guys, right? So, which other apps are causing serious harm to your handsets standby times? Find out below.Facebook, Spotify and Clean Master are among the worst culprits for draining battery life from your Android phones.

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If you want to use these apps, make sure you’ve got some spare juice. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Snapchat

Snapchat might be a lot of fun but it also takes a lot of resources: both in terms of memory usage and battery life. This app is one of the worst offenders in this area and can consume much of your internal storage if you aren’t careful .(Despite its reputation as the photo app where all photos are immediately deleted!)

Monitor the effect its having on your mobile data too by going to settings > mobile data. You might be surprised.

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Snapchat? More like Crapchat. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Netflix

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Netflix consumes a huge amount of battery. Netflix is the go-to app for binge-watching TV shows and movies and it’s your phone’s display which consumes the majority of your devices power.

Consider watching with the display brightness turned down when you can. In your dark room at night, there really is no reason to have your display brightness at the maximum.

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Netflix takes the cake. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Amazon Shopping

The Amazon Shopping app is a sneaky little battery drainer because it’s quite unassuming. When I first read the report that suggested this was having a big impact on battery it seemed strange: others on the list cause lots of damage through heavy usage, Amazon Shopping can’t be used that much, can it?

Two things. Firstly, Amazon’s Shopping isn’t incredibly well optimized for Android: relative time spent with the app compared to battery effect is generally higher than other apps.

Secondly, like weather and email apps, Amazon’s Shopping app operates in the background so that it remains up to date with current offers and promotions. Combined, this leads to high battery usage. Speaking of email…

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Amazon Shopping: a sneaky battery snatcher. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Outlook

The Outlook app is another juice guzzler. Whether we’re checking it too frequently, or the email sync frequency is too high, Outlook is a threat to your power.

You don’t actually need the Outlook app, though. You can use the default Android email app to retrieve those emails.

Ideally, you should only use one email app on our device and use it to manage all of your accounts. I mean, unless you want to sync Outlook with Google Calendar. In which case, yes, it’s best to have the app.

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Concerned about your device’s battery life? Watch out for Outlook. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. BBC News

Well, the big news is that the BBC News app is a battery killer. This is a tricky one because people generally want access to news on a daily basis, and the BBC is generally a reliable place to get it.

But one simple and elegant solution is to uninstall the app and create a shortcut to the BBC News website on your homescreen. It provides essentially the same experience.

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The BBC News app is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. / © ANDROIDPIT

So there we have it, I hope these suggestions will help you save battery on your device in future. Have you discovered any battery killing apps that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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