Poll: Which app do you use to backup your smartphone’s photos?

If you backup your smartphone photos, and you should, its important to know which service is best for your needs. Google Photos has been integrating artificial intelligence to its features, and more people are trying OneDrive thanks to its deep integration with Windows. It seems Dropbox and iCloud are no longer the obvious choices, and we want to know which of the popular services you prefer to use to backup your photos.

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You’re no doubt familiar with Google Photos by now, as it has been around for two full years. But, you many not be aware that it’s becoming capable of more than just backing up your photos and videos to the cloud for free. 

At Google I/O 2017, Google announced that the Google Photos app would incorporate more sophisitcated artificial intelligence, in order to not only recognize faces, but also to automatically share relevant photos with specific people. It will be able to, for example, share photos of your children with your wife automatically. Using AI, Google Photos will also be able to recognize and organize photos based on what the picture is of. 

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More new features are coming to Google Photos all the time. / © Screenshots: ANDROIDPIT

For some, this sounds like Minority Report. For others, it sounds like convenience. In any case, these new features have got us interested in revisiting the topic of smartphone photo backup options, and we want to know which app you prefer.

Which service do you use to back up your smartphone’s photos?

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The new AI-powered features of Google Photos are just the beginning. Which features do you want to see come next in photo backup apps and services? Let us know in the comments.


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