OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini price, release date, specs and rumors

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has confirmed that a new OnePlus device is on its way this year. The OnePlus X, or OnePlus 2 mini, is expected to be a smaller, cheaper phone than the OnePlus 2 and it could launch as early as October. Read on to find out everything we know so far about the OnePlus X price, release date, specs and features.

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OnePlus 2 mini
An early look at the design of the OnePlus 2 mini. / ©

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini release date

We know that OnePlus is working on a new device. Pei has said this device will be available "before the end of the year. Hopefully for Christmas." A report from Gizmochina suggests that the OnePlus X will arrive in October, packing a Snapdragon 801 processor like the original OnePlus One. 

oneplus one mini leaked photo 1
This leaked pic sparked rumors of a OnePlus One mini. Now we’re expecting a OnePlus 2 mini. / © GIZMOCHINA

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini price

We suspect that the OnePlus X price will be less than US$300: Gizmochina suggested US$249. Now that the OnePlus 2 has been released, it makes good business sense for OnePlus to offer a mid-range phone to enable it to meet all price points, much as Motorola does with its XG and E lines. If that’s the case, OnePlus One will likely be discontinued, if the new device offers something slightly better for the same price.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini specs

Our source has informed us that the OnePlus 2 X will not be a ‘compact’ device with flagship specs, but a mid-range device. This could mean that OnePlus will be targeting emerging markets its new phone. We’re expecting the OnePlus X to be a 5-inch handset with specs resembling those found in the OnePlus One.

oneplus one screen
The OnePlus 2 mini could have similar internals to the OnePlus One. / © ANDROIDPIT

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini design

A first glimpse of the OnePlus 2 has appeared online, in the form of some leaked renders seen on Chinese website From the front, the OnePlus 2  mini / X looks similar to previous devices in the OnePlus series: a black, angular handset, with what looks like a metal rim. The front setup in the render above lacks a number of details however, such as the display and camera. 

The back of the device (shown in the render below) appears to be made of plastic/rubber. It also appears to have a dual-camera setup with dual-LED flash, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a bottom-mounted speaker grill and USB Type-C port.

oneplus 2 mini 2
The OnePlus 2 appears to have plastic edges here, but metal edges in the front render above. / © Mobile-Dad

We should note that it’s unlikely that these renders are 100 percent accurate. Although it’s possible that the final version could have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, the OnePlus 2 had one on the front, so this would mean OnePlus taking a significantly different design for the mini version.

The cameras also look strangely close to the top-edge of the handset and there are some contradictions between the two renders: the edges appear to be metal in the front render and plastic in the back, and, if there are two speakers on the front of the device (as the front render suggests), a bottom-mounted speaker (as shown in the back render) may not be necessary. 

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 mini features

The OnePlus 2 mini, with its mid-range components, is unlikely to feature the new whiz-bang features of the OnePlus 2. It will be running the new Oxygen OS though, and all signs suggest it will house a USB Type-C connector. 

oneplus one mini leaked photos 2
We have no idea what happened to plans for the OnePlus One mini. / © GIZMOCHINA

Stay tuned for more details as we get them and a OnePlus X / 2 mini review as soon as we get our hands on this little beast.

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