OnePlus 2 mini price, release date, specs and rumors

We’ve heard the rumors about a OnePlus 2 mini and we now have it on good authority that OnePlus will indeed release a second, smaller phone this year. Read on to find out everything we know so far about the OnePlus 2 mini release date, price, specs and features.

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OnePlus 2 mini
An early look at the design of the OnePlus 2 mini. / ©

OnePlus 2 mini design

A first glimpse of the OnePlus 2 has appeared online thanks to some leaked renders via Chinese website At the front, the OnePlus 2 mini appears similar to previous devices in the OnePlus series; a black, angular handset with what looks like a metal rim. The front setup in the render above is lacking in a number of details however, such as the display and camera. 

The device’s rear appears to be made of a plastic/rubber material and features a dual-camera setup with dual-LED flash, plus a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. A bottom-mounted speaker grill and USB Type-C port are also visible. Although these renders offer a glimpse at what the OnePlus 2 mini could look like, it’s unlikely to be 100 percent accurate. 

A rear-mounted fingerprint scanner may be possible in the final version. Note that OnePlus used one on the front of the OnePlus 2, so this would mark a significantly different design. The cameras are also strangely close to the top-edge of the handset, and if, with two speakers on the front of the device (if that’s what is being suggested), a third or fourth underneath may not be necessary. Check out the renders for yourself above and below.

oneplus 2 mini 2
The OnePlus 2 appears to have plastic edges here, but metal edges in the front render. / © Mobile-Dad

OnePlus 2 mini release date

The OnePlus 2 mini release date can only be speculated upon, but we know OnePlus is working on a new device and co-founder Carl Pei has said this will be available "before the end of the year. Hopefully for Christmas." There is nothing to say that this device will be the OnePlus 2, but at this point it’s looking likely. 

oneplus one mini leaked photo 1
This was the leaked pic that sparked rumors of a OnePlus One mini. Now we’re looking at a OnePlus 2 mini. / © GIZMOCHINA

OnePlus 2 mini specs

Our source has informed us that the OnePlus 2 mini will not be a ”compact” device with flagship specs but rather a mid-range device. This could mean that OnePlus will be targeting emerging markets with the 2 mini.

We’re expecting the OnePlus 2 mini to be a 5-inch device with specs resembling those found in the OnePlus One, but it is remarkably hard to get anyone to talk about this device (for obvious reasons). Nevertheless, even OnePlus has pointed us in the mini direction without adding anything more to the conversation. OnePlus certainly know how to generate free publicity.

oneplus one screen
The OnePlus 2 mini could have similar internals to the OnePlus One. / © ANDROIDPIT

OnePlus 2 mini price

The weaker specs inside the OnePlus 2 mini will also significantly reduce it’s price. We’re talking a sub-300 USD OnePlus 2 mini price, possibly even lower. With all indicators pointing to a more expensive OnePlus 2 flagship, it makes good business sense for OnePlus to offer a high-end and mid-range offering to meet all price points, much the same as Motorola does with its X, G and E lines.

OnePlus 2 mini features

The OnePlus 2 mini, with its mid-range components, is unlikely to feature some of the new whiz-bang features of the OnePlus 2. It will be running the new Oxygen OS though.

As for USB Type-C, we’re on the fence. As a new standard it certainly makes sense, but new technologies typically take a while to trickle down from flagships to mid-range devices, which have cost-cutting at heart.

oneplus one mini leaked photos 2
We have no idea whatever happened to plans for the OnePlus One mini. / © GIZMOCHINA

What about the OnePlus One mini?

Remember at the end of last year we were abuzz with rumors emanating from China about a OnePlus One mini? We saw a leaked pic of a device with the same specs as the OnePlus One and a sub-250 USD price tag. Now, we’re looking at a One Plus 2 mini with last year’s specs and a similar price tag to the recently reduced OnePlus One…

Could this new mini actually just be the OnePlus One mini we first heard about last year? We don’t think so. Considering the price of the OnePlus One has recently been slashed to 249 USD, to release a new mini device with a similar price point – and name – a year later doesn’t make much sense. Especially if it comes out after the successor to the One.

We’d expect OnePlus to give the new mini a more current name even if most of its insides are from the existing One component supply chain. For OnePlus to successfully differentiate the OnePlus 2 mini from simply looking like a smaller OnePlus One, we’re expecting one or two critical upgrades in the specs and features of the 2 mini..

Stay tuned for more details as we get them and a OnePlus 2 mini review when we get our hands on this little beast.

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