Moto X Play Tip: Boost Your Battery Life

When the battery in the Moto X Play is much larger than many rivals, there’s always room for a bit more battery life. Motorola offers lots of suggestions on making the most of your battery life, including putting your phone into Airplane Mode if you’re in a poor signal area: when the signal is poor the Moto whacks up the power to its cellular radio to compensate, which can have a pretty dramatic effect on battery life. Turning the display brightness down can have a significant beneficial effect too.

Moto X Play

Also, Motorola suggests setting the screen timeout to less than 1 minute in Settings > Display > Sleep and using Settings > Battery to see if particular apps are being too demanding. Another top tip is to turn off mobile data if you’re downloading or streaming big stuff and can get Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi usually consumes less energy than mobile data, and certainly mobile data usage is often capped by the phone networks.