Tell you Moto X (2016) price, release date, specs and rumors

Last year there were two devices launched under that banner, the Moto X Play and the Moto X Pure Edition (Moto X Style outside of the US). Confirmed details of the new Moto are scarce but the latest leak suggests it will feature a drastic design departure from the 2015 handsets. Here’s what we know so far about the Moto X 4th gen price, release date, and specs.  The Motorola Moto X (2016) is the fourth generation in the esteemed Moto X series.

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moto x play vs moto x sytle camera
The Moto X Play (left) and Moto X Style. / © ANDROIDPIT

Moto X (2016) release date and price

The Moto X (2016) release date has not yet been set. It may fall in spring or summer, but as previous Moto X smartphones haven’t followed a clear release pattern, it’s a little hard to predict.

The Moto X Pure Edition launched with a starting price of US$399 so it would be reasonable to expect that the Moto X (2016) price could be around US$400-450. This would follow a fairly regular pricing pattern from Motorola in the past.

Moto X (2016) specs

The Moto X (2016) is rumored to come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. The photo below, leaked by the Chinese site Techweb, shows the internals of the handset, including a heat pipe.

moto x 2016 heatpipe
Leaked photos of the Moto X handset. / © TechWeb.COM.CN

In the photo, the heat pipe is copper-colored and L-shaped and runs from the top of the photo down the right-hand side. This pipe could allow heat to be dissipated away from areas that generally overheat and improve the problem of overheating. U-shaped heat pipes have been used on a larger scale in PCs over the last couple years, so it is logical to conclude that it would serve the same purpose in the upcoming Moto X.

Lenovo Group SVP Chen Xudong recently revealed details about the screen size of upcoming Motorola products, stating that all mobile screens will be a minimum of 5 inches. That leaves a lot of room for bigger sizes but at least it gives us a minimum to start with. The Moto X Pure Edition had a 5.7-inch screen, the Moto X Play‘s was 5.5 inches, and the Droid Turbo 2 (aka Moto X Force) was 5.4 inches so the Moto X (2016) could fall somewhere in that range.

In early April, we caught a glimpse of a 5-inch device entering India, listed as the Moto X3. Not much can be garnered from the listing on tracking site Zauba, but it does suggest the device has a single SIM card slot.

The value of the device is listed at 6,812 INR – about US$102 – but this is an import price, making it only indicative of the device’s possible retail value. Having said that, it makes it clear that the Moto X3 is set to be a low-range, affordable handset.

androidpit moto x3 customs listing 1
The customs tracking information for the Moto X3. / © ANDROIDPIT

Moto X (2016) design

A leaked photo from the Chinese site Wapvnet shows the Moto X with a metallic frame and a camera on the back. It looks different from previous models but it is difficult to discern details because the photo is a little dark.

moto x 2016 metal body
Leaked image showing a metallic body for the Moto X (2016). / © Wapvnet

The stereo speakers appear to be at the bottom of the back of the phone, and it looks as though the volume rockers could be on the right-hand side (as viewed from the front).

The logo appears to be more or less in a similar place to previous editions of the Moto X and could be relative to the size of the camera. In the photo, the logo is flat, which is different from the depressed logos in previous editions.

A photo picked up by GSMArena appears to show a Moto X (2016) out in the wide world. An observant and phone-obsessed member of the public caught the device sitting beside someone who we can only presume to be a Motorola employee.

There are a couple of details to be garnered from the image: a fingerprint scanner appears to sit on the lower bezel, perpendicular to what might be a USB Type-C port, although it’s a little difficult to tell. The bat wing Moto logo sits on the top left, beside the speaker grille and what appears to be a front-facing flash.

The fingerprint scanner’s position on the front may only be a temporary choice for the prototyping stages. It would be better to see it ultimately sit on the back of the device, where the bat wing logo dimple resides, a design feature said to be a remnant of a fingerprint scanner long-abandoned.

moto x 2016 leak
The only Moto X (2016) known to exist in the wild. / © HellomotoHK

A leaked render, confirmed by reputable leakster Evan Blass, shows the Moto X (2016) in white. It abides closely with earlier leaked images, showing a round camera unit on the back, above the Moto bat wing logo, and a square home button, which looks set to double as a fingerprint scanner.

Judging from the side render, the camera unit looks to protrude quite noticeably from the rear panel, which may upset some, as it did with the Galaxy S6.

Moto X (2016) features

As‘s article above cites, Chen Xudong was quoted as saying all of Lenovo’s phones would come equipped with fingerprint scanners. That means there is a good chance that the high-end Moto X will have one as well.

Are you excited about the Moto X (2016)? What new things would you like to see?

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