Microsoft Launches Skype Lite for Old Phones

Microsoft has launched a new version of Skype aimed at people in developing countries. Skype Lite strips everything about the messaging app back to make it more accessible to people with older handsets and/or limited internet connections. Unfortunately, you probably can’t use it yet.

Skype Lite is the latest in a succession of lightweight apps aimed at developing countries. With Skype Lite, Microsoft is following in the footsteps of Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, and YouTube Go, all of which do a similar job. And you can expect even more companies to follow suit.


Optimized for Developing Countries

Skype Lite offers the same core features as its bigger brother, but is optimized for use in developing countries. This means it can be used over 2G, and remain stable even when your internet connection falters. You can also read and reply to message over SMS.

Skype Lite weighs in at just 13MB to help conserve space on older handsets. It’s also designed to consume less battery power and help you reduce data usage when chatting via video. Files sent during conversations are compressed to further lessen data usage.

Skype Lite is only available on Android in India right now, with Microsoft launching the new app at its Future Decoded event in Mumbai. Microsoft stated that Skype Lite was “built in India, for users in India”. However, Microsoft is likely to expand its availability to other countries in the future.