Instagram Dream – Oppo’s 16MP Selfie Camera

What calls for special attention is that Oppo’s just announced two new phones in China, the R9 and R9 Plus. When the company has been pushing its selfie-ready featureset for quite a while now, the new phones actually certify it with a massive 16MP front camera. Of course, front camera.

Apart from having a massive selfie cam, the Oppo R9 is a 5.5in device with a Full HD AMOLED display and Oppo is claiming a 1.66mm bezel.

Inside the phone has a Mediatek Helio P10 chipset, with an octa-core that has four cores at 1.0GHz, the other four at 3.0GHz. Also, it houses 64GB of storage as well as 4GB of RAM and microSD (up to 128GB) support.

Oppo’s 16MP Selfie Camera

The selfie cam has a f/2.0 lens when the back has a f/2.2 aperture and 13MP sensor.

What about the bigger R9 Plus? To be sure, its display is 6 inches and the bezels are 1.76mm, still minimal and instead it has a Snapdragon 652 chipset, 4GB of RAM and a choice of 64GB or 128GB storage.

Unlike the smaller version, the R9 plus has a 16MP camera in front and in back and is also capable of 4K video recording.

Oppo’s 16MP Selfie Camera

Besides, expect to find fingerprint sensors and big batteries: the R9’s is a 2,850mAh one when the Plus goes all the way to 4,120mAh. The R9 is slower Wi-Fi wise although as the new Wi-Fi 802.11ac is only on the R9 Plus. What’s slightly disappointing is that the phones are only on Android Lollipop which makes us wonder how long this phone was in the making for the Android OS to be still slightly dated.

More importantly, pricing-wise the Oppo R9 is RMB2,799 (RM1,755) and the R9 Plus (64GB) is RMB3,299 (RM2,068). When it comes to availability, the R9 will be out in China on March 24 while its bigger brother will be available by April 12. Stay tuned for when the phone will be released.