Huawei P9 Android update

Where is Huawei’s Emotion UI headed next? Here’s what we know so far.  The Huawei P9 was released earlier this year running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. but noted in our review that its EMUI 4.1 software left something to be desired.

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First things first: Huawei isn’t known for its swift update schedule: improvements could be months away. But the P9 is Huawei’s current flagship device and will no doubt be prioritized.

Though it’s already running the latest EMUI software version, there are several areas where EMUI – also known as Emotion UI – may improve. Namely, its restrictive power plan.

As we noted in our full review, this can be harmful to app functionality and was a particular problem for a certain messaging app. It’s a critical area that needs to be addressed.

So far, Huawei has been tight-lipped about its future EMUI plans, but we will update this page when we learn more.

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