HTC 10 Video Review 2016

HTC’s newest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10, is finally here — and it’s a bit of a departure from last year’s M9.

With top of the line hardware and a scaled back user interface, HTC is (still) trying to position itself as the premium Android manufacturer. The HTC 10 gets a lot of things right, but it’s also just very ordinary in a crowded marketplace of flagship devices. Let’s have a look at below video review of HTC10.

There’s little to complain about with the HTC 10, aside from the mediocre battery life and quiet speakers. The camera is good, the build quality is amazing, the software is speedy and minimal.

But there’s nothing about it to get excited about, either. There’s just nothing that will blow you away. If you just want an all-around decent smartphone, this might be the one.