Here’s 3 phones you won’t be forgetting in a hurry

Despite the time that passes, certain smartphones remain etched in our memories. You might not have owned them, but they reached a certain level of popularity or fame that it’s basically impossible to forget about them. Today, we bring you a blast from the past to rediscover three smartphones that you will always remember.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7: a smartphone with an explosive character

Oh yes, this one again. This smartphone is simply unforgettable because it is the protagonist of a somewhat tragic history. The story began at the end of August 2016, not too long after the phone was launched when the first cases of exploding devices were reported. Samsung investigated, found the problem and recalled all the Note 7 phones that had already been sold. A few days after the now “safe” phones were re-launched, lightning struck again: a production fault led to a second recall of the devices. Production of the Note 7 was then halted until June 2017, when the manufacturer decided to start selling a new version of the device (this time guaranteed no explosion): the Fandom Edition.

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This terrible story was covered by most media channels, regardless of whether they were niche or general media: on paper, on the Internet, on TV. The saddest part of this story is that the Note 7 had absolutely everything: excellent performance, beautiful design with some nice touches (waterproof, iris scanner, etc.). Although it didn’t stay on the market, it stayed in our hearts.

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After two attemps, the Note 7 had to call it a day. © AndroidPIT

2. Nexus 5: an unbeatable quality/price ratio

Alright, in terms of popularity, we’re not on the same playing field as the first phone in this list. Despite that, the Nexus 5 is one of the Android community’s favorite smartphones, a true champion of its time. First of all, the Nexus 5 had an unbeatable quality/price ratio at the time: for less than $400 in 2013, you could get yourself a device easily worth over $600 with its competition. That in itself was already worthy of the masses it attracted.

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It wasn’t only fans that loved the phone, but also tinkerers, who wanted to play around with the Android system and install custom ROMs. Today, it’s still a very popular phone and many users remain nostalgic about their good ol’ Nexus 5. 

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The Nexus 5 was a favorite among geeks. © ANDROIDPIT

3. The Nokia 3310: indestructi-phone

This phone is without a doubt the most popular phone in mobile phone history. Yes, it’s from a time before smartphones really took off, since it’s from the year 2000, but it nonetheless won the hearts of many many users. One of the main reasons for its success at the time was its toughness: you could drop it, hit it, throw it, even heat it and it would still work.

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It was so successful in its day that for the MWC 2016, Nokia decided to relaunch a new version of the 3310. This renewed version of the 3310 was clearly the younger sibling of the old boy but the die-hard fans weren’t entirely won over by it – particularly the game Snake, which was too different from the original.

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The Nokia 3310 is dead and buried, but its progeny won’t replace it in our hearts. © AndroidPIT

Are there other smartphones that have stuck with you over time? Let us know in the comments below!


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