App, book and film sharing is coming – Google Play family library

It allows purchased apps, games, movies and more to be shared among family members. To get it working, you will need to set up a family library, which is free of charge, but the devil is in the details. Google launches the Play family library today.

Google Play family library allows app sharing

The family library allows you to invite multiple Google accounts into a shared library. Up to six people can then share a primary payment Rolex Explorer Replica Watches
method, and any eligible apps can be shared among all members. Everyone in your family can then install these purchased apps on their own devices.

When it comes down to the details, the family library is a little more complicated: any purchases made after July 2 are automatically made available for all family members. Purchases made before this date are only unlocked for other family members if the app developer has explicitly agreed to allow this. This information can found on any app’s Play Store page.

Google Play family library is already available on the web. / © AndroidPIT

Google Play library family: Sharing films and books

The family library is not only happening for apps: also movies, TV shows and books. You can share this content within a group. The media can play your not only with an Android device, but the family library is also available for iOS and – if present – for the web version of Google Play movies or books.

With an app, film or book purchase you can choose whether you would like to share this download in your family. This could be useful, for example, with action games or comics.

Google Play family cash and the family library

The difference between the two family options can be described quickly: family cash can be set up and already all members of the family can play with it (in) active app purchases. The family library on the other hand allows you to share purchases from a Google Play account. You can set up a Google-play family in the settings of the Play Store. Warning: because you always have to adjust a family payment for a Google-Play-family, you should invite only trusted people to a play-family.

The Google Play family library is not yet available for all users and existing Google Play families for a bit. In the next few days but it should be ready. Google will enable family library in the next few days in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

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