Google Map, Swim Your Phone Through the Air in a Figure Eight to Increase Accuracy

You may miss this feature of Google map.

Beta testers have been able to play around with this more advanced form of direction detection for some time now, but now it’s rolling out to the populace at large.

speed sign Android auto

A pretty clever move on Google’s part is the use of a cone of view indicator rather than the single arrow. Although it’s nice that it kind of makes you feel like a bad guy walking around in a stealth game’s mini-map, it’s actually a useful feature. The narrowness of the cone correlates with how well your device is calibrated for direction.

To increase accuracy, all you have to do is swim your phone through the air in a figure eight as demonstrated below.

direction calibration

What’s cool is that you don’t have to go into any settings to do this. You can perform a calibration swim anytime you want while the app is running, and your direction calibration will be increased. Pretty nifty.

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