DrinkMate breathalyzer – 25% off

That’s why you should make sure you’re still making good decisions while enjoying alcohol. That way, you won’t make some classic mistakes like calling your ex, drunk dialing, emailing your boss an embarrassing photo or much more seriously, driving. The compact, useful ESET breathalyzer connects to your Android device and you can get it now in our AndroidPIT Deals Store for only $29.99 – that’s 25 percent off the original price of $40.  Drinking is a lot of fun but it can cloud your judgement.

DrinkMate lets you monitor your alcohol consumption. / © Edge Tech Labs

DrinkMate is a new compact breathalyzer that gives you a blood alcohol content reading so you won’t consume more alcohol than you desired. It’s tough to keep track of how much you’ve drank throughout a night of socializing and imbibing and the device makes it easier for you monitor. You won’t have to do any calculations; the app does that for you.

The DrinkMate breathalyzer works well as a key chain. It’s compact, measuring only 1.9 inches in length. So when you pull out your keys to leave you will get a reminder to make sure you’re OK to drive. The device is hygienic and can be used by everyone in your group with ease. It also has excellent Android capabilities and integrates well.

Make your decisions public by connecting with your friends through the app. That way you’ll all make better decisions together. Pick up the DrinkMate breathalyzer now for only $29.99 – that’s 25 percent off in our AndroidPIT Deals Store. Hurry over, this deal will only last three days.

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