Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote – 47% off

The universal Bluetooth remote from Blumoo lets control all of your cluttered home theater gear with your smartphone. Now you can easily connect to all of your equipment with a quick tap. This simple and convenient system is available for only $52.99 in our AndroidPIT Deals Store – that’s 47 percent off.  Do you have a bunch of remotes for your entertainment equipment?

The convenient Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote connects your smartphone to your home theater. / © Blumoo

With the Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote, you can get connectivity throughout your home with 150 feet of powerful Bluetooth connectivity. You can control you equipment from your living room, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere else in your house that you have electronics with remotes.

The Blumoo universal remote uses Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone with your home theater gear. Getting started is easy and soon you will be controlling everything with just one swipe on your Android or iOS device.

Your audio visual equipment can be upgraded and optimized from just one device when you use the Blumoo universal remote. You can optimize your entertainment experience on up to 250,000 A/V components, offering almost unlimited possibilities.

blumoo 2
There are endless customization possibilities with the Blumoo universal remote. / © Blumoo

You get plenty of top-notch features with the Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote: it includes a powerful song-streaming function so you can get the most out of your music, and comes with a custom TV guide so you can get your preferences all in one place. It automatically updates device libraries and sees new features added, so you always stay current.

The Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote is available now in the AndroidPIT Deals Store for only $52.99 – that’s 47 percent off the original price of $100. This deal ends in just four days so head over right away.

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