CNNgo Try Its Best to be One-Stop Shop For Events From All Over the World on Android TV

Let’s get to know it.

Sure, the grid of current events is aesthetically pleasing, but once you begin consuming, you get shuffled into a playlist of related events that quickly feels like a barrage of content, as many of the segments are only 30 seconds long, with none going longer than three minutes. There’s no easy way to dive deeper into these stories, and the problem is that it’s just impossible to encapsulate the complexities of current events in these kinds of soundbites.

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Much of the content doesn’t even have an anchor or narration, just text over video or stills. The overall experience begins to feel like a depthless bombardment of anxiety-inducing injustices and political hijinks interspersed with the occasional ad. But hey, if that’s what you’re into.

Our biggest gripe is that, in spite of requiring a cable or satellite subscription, there’s no live feed.

Perhaps we’re being too hard on poor CNNgo. The app actually seems far better suited for mobile devices, where you can quickly get a glimpse at what’s going on in the world while you’re on the go. But on the Android TV platform, CNNgo invites you to settle into couch and enjoy a parade of oversimplifications.


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