Here’s the legit Google Play link – Beware of fake Prisma Android apps

Did you hear? The unique, artistic photo-filtering app Prisma is now available on Android. But in the early days of the app’s availability on the Play Store, you might be having a hard time tracking down a legitimate Prisma download. Looking for the Android version of Prisma? Make sure you don’t download a fake.

That’s because, at the time of writing, the app’s still relatively new on Google Play, and as such Google’s servers are still surfacing an unfortunate number of fake apps in searches for “Prisma.”

Breitling Swiss Replica

Fortunately the solution is easy. Simply download Prisma from the link below, which is the legit version from Prisma Labs, Inc. If you’re following a link from elsewhere, check for “Prisma Labs, inc.” as the publisher, and “[email protected]” as the contact email at the bottom of the page.

See Prisma on Google Play

Stay safe, and happy downloading!

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