15 Best Google Cardboard VR games Recommended : BAMF VR, BattleZ VR, BattleZ VR, More!

bamf best VR games for Google CardboardBAMF VR

[Price: Free]
BAMF VR is a simple little platformer-puzzle game. In this title, you’ll be using teleportation to get around various levels to collect crystals and progress to the next area. It features a full, 360-degree experience and the developers highly recommend that you play either standing up or in a swivel chair for best comfort. It also features simple, colorful graphics, support for various input methods (including Bluetooth controllers), and a family-friendly experience. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases.

battlez best VR games for Google CardboardBattleZ VR

[Price: Free]
BattleZ VR is a first person shooter where you engage with a world that’s overrun by zombies and, believe it or not, dragons. It bills itself as the first VR FPS that allows for online multiplayer interaction and the response has been mostly positive so far. In terms of story and game play, it’s fairly typical for a FPS title. The game uses head tracking mixed with a QR code-based controller in order to let you move around and do stuff.

battle z best VR games for Google Cardboard

chair in a room best VR games for Google CardboardChair In A Room

[Price: Free]
Chair In A Room is a hidden item puzzle game with a dark story line. It riffs a bit off of A Christmas Carol and you’ll be visited by various ghosts that will help try to turn you into a better person. The game is definitely a little weird, but it’s a lot of fun to play and an excellent way to check out what VR can do on Android. The developers do state that you should have a device that is at least as good as a Nexus 5 or better. It’s quickly turning into one of the must-try VR games for Cardboard and it’s completely free to download and play.

endspace vr best vr games for google cardboardEnd Space VR

[Price: $1.09]
End Space VR was one of the first really decent VR games for Google Cardboard. It’s a space shooter that puts you in the cockpit as you take on various bad guys in outer space fights. The game essentially lasts forever and you’ll be pitted up against stronger waves of enemies as you progress. You’ll also have access to ship upgrades, scoreboards, hardware controller support, and some of the best graphics of any of the VR games out there. It’s relatively inexpensive and contains no in-app purchases.

galaxy vr best VR games for Google CardboardGalaxy Vr

[Price: Free demo / $2.49]
Galaxy VR is a shooter that combines aerial battling in space along with a FPS shooter experience. In this title, you’ll be engaging in various types of battles in order to subdue the enemy. This can take place either on the ground as a FPS, or in the sky as a shooter. Like End Space VR, your aerial battles will put you directly in the cockpit for some fairly immersive fighting. Unlike most, this one actually requires that you have a controller with a joystick and at least three push buttons so that all of the controls work. You can try the demo before buying it for $2.49.


hardcode best vr games for google cardboardHardcode

[Price: Free / $1.49]
Hardcode was one of the first good VR games out there and it’s still one of the better shooters available. It features a third person perspective and the camera is controlled by the player’s head movements. You can play single player missions or online multiplayer and this is one of the few VR games that feature an online multiplayer mode. The only caveat is that the game requires a game pad and you won’t be able to play without one. It’s free to download and the most expensive in-app purchase is a paltry $1.49.

inmind vr best VR games for Google CardboardInMind VR

[Price: Free]
InMind VR is one of the most popular VR games to date. It’s an arcade shooter where you traverse the neural pathways of the brain looking for physical abnormalities. Once you find them, you neutralize them to make the brain healthy again. It uses runner mechanics and you’ll be on a predetermined path for the entire game. You’ll also have the option to play with or without a VR headset if you want to and the game doesn’t require a game pad to play. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases.

need for jump best VR games for Google CardboardNeed for Jump

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Need for Jump is a colorful little platformer where you must run around and collect coins. The game uses the player’s head movements in order to determine direction. You look left and right to move in those directions and then nod your head in order to jump. It’s also another one of the few VR games that allows for multiplayer. It’s not the most complex game out there, but it’s a good little time killer. It’s free to download and play which makes it easy on the wallet as well!

proton pulse best VR games for Google CardboardProton Pulse

[Price: $1.99]
Proton Pulse is probably the most intense game of Pong ever created. The game uses head-tracking controls which allows the player to move a paddle around the game screen by moving their head. Your objective in this one is to bounce various objects back where they came from. It features some fairly intense, colorful graphics, tons of explosions, and a futuristic theme.

trinusvr best VR games for Google CardboardTrinusVR

[Price: Free demo / $9.99]
TrinusVR isn’t a VR game on the face of it, but it does let you play VR games. The general idea is that you can use this to play PC games. Here’s how it works. You’ll connect your device to your PC using this app. It then uses head tracking and integrates it directly into the game that you’re playing. The game is then streamed to your headset which emulates a VR experience. This gives a pseudo-VR experience that is actually fairly unique. Things can be a bit jumpy when you’re actually using it, so be sure to use the free demo first to make sure your system and device can handle it!


space the last mission best VR games for Google CardboardVoxel Fly VR

[Price: Free]
Voxel Fly VR is an endless runner title that puts the thrill of the run right in your face. In this game, you’ll be flying through an endless city while avoiding traffic and various obstacles to see how far you can go. It has leaderboards so you can compare with friends to see who can make it the furthest. You’ll also get various difficulty modes, a 2D mode, support for game pads and various control schemes, achievements, and support for a wide variety of Cardboard variants. It’s fairly intense which makes it a great experience for VR and it’s completely free to play.

vr controller best vr games for google cardboardVR Controller

[Price: $3.99]
VR Controller isn’t actually a VR game but it can help you play them. How it works is you use this on an old or unused device and it turns that device into a Bluetooth controller. You can then use that controller on VR games that require one (like many on this list do). It was developed for the Samsung Gear VR but the developers claim that it supports Google Cardboard and other Android-powered VR headsets as well. It’ll run you $3.99 but we urge you to try it out quickly so make sure that it works before the refund time runs out.

space the last mission best VR games for Google CardboardVR Space: The Last Mission

[Price: $0.99]
VR Space: The Last Mission is a space combat arcade shooter that once again puts you in the cockpit for some epic space battles. It also utilizes endless runner mechanics where you’ll get unlimited play against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The graphics are pretty decent and the controls seem to be competently done as well. It supports game pad use and you can turn off the VR and play it without Cardboard if you want to. It’s also relatively inexpensive at $0.99.

x racer best VR games for Google CardboardVR X-Racer

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
VR X-Racer is an infinite runner game where you’re tasked with avoiding obstacles while traveling very quickly. You’ll get points for things like near misses and hitting blue rings that appear in your path and your goal is to get the highest possible score while traveling as far as possible. It’s relatively simple compared to some other games on the list. However, it does give you the option to play with a game pad or with head tracking as your controller. It’s free to download and play with the in-app purchases accounting for upgrades like no advertising.

wrong voyageWrong Voyage

[Price: Free]
Wrong Voyage is a hybrid between a puzzle game, a platformer, and there are even some FPS elements baked in. You’re playing as someone who has discovered a strange ruin and your job is to explore it. You’ll use your weapon to make platforms move about and you’ll have to safely navigate the terrain without falling off. The game should work on most Cardboard variants along with other Android-powered VR headsets. About the only caveat is that you are required to have a Bluetooth controller in order to play the game. Otherwise, it’s completely free to download and play.


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