15 best Android survival games

Here are more excellent Android games that rely on survival! 

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August 9, 2016

Another World

Price: $3.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYAnother World is an adventure game. It’s a console port from the early 1990’s. That’s from an era where games were a little less forgiving. In this game, you’ll play as a physicist who accidentally ends up in an alternate reality. Your goal is to survive a near constant onslaught of bad guys, puzzles, and animals while you plot your escape. You also have to make good use of your tools because they do run out quickly. That means you’ll need to practice wisdom while using them. It also has no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Price: $4.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYCrashlands has so many different gaming elements that it boggles the mind. You’ll find RPG, survival, action, adventure, and even monster collecting. The game revolves around an intergalactic trucker who gets stranded on an alien planet. Your job is to fight bad guys, build a base, deliver your lost packages, and save the world from evil. It’s intensely deep, has over 500 items that you can craft, and you can even tame creatures to fight alongside you. There is cloud saving support and achievements. It also comes at a decent price and is one of the most unique survival games out there.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Price: $4.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYDon’t Starve: Pocket Edition is one of the more popular survival games. Your job is to survive and succeed in an unrelenting wilderness. Not doing so will result in your quick and untimely death. Like most games in the genre, you’ll have to collect resources, exploit your environment for your own gains, and do whatever it takes to live. It’s not the most beautiful game. However, the graphics definitely fit the atmosphere and that’s arguably more important. It’s $4.99 with no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Price: $2.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYDownwell is an action platformer where you must survive falling for entire levels. Each level is procedurally generated to make it unique. That means no two playthroughs are the same. Most levels contain hidden dungeons with special power ups to make things easier. Otherwise, your only tool is a pair of gun boots. They help you levitate and shoot bad guys below you. There are also powerups to find as you fall. The graphics are charmingly retro, but it’s a great little time killer that won’t bug you with in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYDownwell

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Price: $2.99 eachDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYScott Cawthorn’s Five Nights at Freddy’s games were among the first really popular horror survival games on Android. The idea is that you play a character who is stuck in a place with possessed animatronic robots and you must keep your eyes on them or they’ll kill you. The games appear simple, but there is a deeper storyline beneath all of it that you can try to figure out as you beat each game. Otherwise, the mechanics are fairly simple and it’s a great title for those who like jump scares. There are five total games in the series.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

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Kingdom Rush games

Price: Varies with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYThe Kingdom Rush games are among the best tower defense games out there. Your job is to build up your defenses and survive wave after wave of bad guys. Each level has its own design and set up for your defenses. There are three games in the series and each one has its own challenges. However, the mechanics are about the same either way. If things get tough, you can buy powerups via in-app purchases. The game prices vary, but none of them are overly expensive. It’s a good series of games.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Lifeline series

Price: VariesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYLifeline is a series of survival games. There are seven games in total, including Lifeline, Lifeline 2, Lifeline: Silent Night, and Lifeline: Whiteout. Each game has you helping another individual that you can only communicate with using something like a radio. Your goal is to help them make decisions and live long enough to see the end of the game. Text is the only thing you see in the game. Thanks to this simplicity, the game actually works well on Android Wear. The more recent games include things like Android Wear support so you can even play the games on your smartwatch. They’re inexpensive, have no ads, and also no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Price: Free / $4.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYLimbo hit the ground running in 2015 and quickly became one of the more enjoyable survival games of the year. You play as a young boy who braves Limbo to find his sister. Your goal is to solve puzzles, defeat creepy monsters, and make your way to the end to save her. The game uses silhouetted graphics which gives it a unique look and atmosphere. The puzzles aren’t overly difficult, but they come about frequently and first time players will likely die. A lot. It’s $4.99 which is a bit steep for how short it is, but there are no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYMinecraft: Pocket Mode literally has a game mode called “Survival Mode”. Survival Mode is the epitome of what survival games should be. For those who don’t know, Minecraft puts you in a procedurally created world and then you do whatever you want. You can build things, mine things, kill things, grow things, and do pretty much whatever you want. Microsoft made some big moves with Minecraft in 2016 and the Pocket Edition is getting better with each update. It’s definitely worth a look.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Out There: Ω Edition

Price: $3.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYOut There is perhaps one of the most underrated survival games. The premise is that you’re an astronaut who has woken up from cryogenic sleep. You’re in the middle of uncharted space, alone, and in desperate need of supplies. Your goal will be to fix your ship, find resources, and live. It also features a procedurally generated universe so no two plays will be the same. It’s a big game and not altogether different in its core mechanics from the now popular No Man Sky. It also has no in-app purchases.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Almost done! Here are some more excellent games on mobile! 

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Pandemic: The Board Game

Price: $6.99 / $1.99 DLCDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYDespite being a board game, Pandemic is one of the more intense survival games out there. The idea is that you work for the CDC and you’re essentially trying to prevent the global spread of infectious diseases. Think of it like trying to prevent The Walking Dead from happening. You’ll move around the board, obtaining the resources necessary to cure diseases. Meanwhile, the game will spawn diseases at random intervals and sometimes in large quantities. It’s a little bit like a reverse of Plague Inc (which is also an excellent survival game). The game is $6.99 and the in-app purchases are permanent expansion add-ons.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY


Price: $1.99 with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYRépublique is an episodic-adventure game where you must sneak around to avoid being detected. The story is that you’re playing as a hacker who has hacked into all the security cameras. Your goal is to help lead Hope out of her situation and out of danger by telling her where to go. It’s definitely more unique than most survival games and it’s one of the few with an actual story line. Like all episodic adventures, you’ll have to purchase each episode to continue playing, but they are unlocked for good when you do buy them. It’s something a little different.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Sky Force Reloaded

Price: Free with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYAdmittedly, Sky Force Reloaded fits with other survival games more in theory than it does in practice. In reality, this is a top-down shooter where you must mow down tons of enemies, complete objectives, and power up your ship. However, after the first few levels, there are so many bad guys on the screen at once trying to get you that survival definitely starts factoring in. It’s an ode to the top-down airplane shooters of old, except it has much better graphics. It’s a freemium game, but it’s definitely one of the better freemium games out there.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Smash Hit and PinOut

Price: Free / $1.99-$2.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYSmash Hit and PinOut are two endless runner games from Mediocre. They’re unique in that they aren’t fueled by in-app purchases. You pay once and all it does is unlock checkpoints and statistics. Smash Hit is a first-person infinite runner where you must throw balls at glass. The number of balls you have is also your health total. PinOut is a pinball game where you must keep the ball going in perpetuity. Like any endless runner, your goal in these games is to live as long as possible. They’re both pretty good.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

This War of Mine

Price: $14.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYThis War of Mine is one of the more serious survival games on the list. It won our pick for the best Android game released in 2015 and it remains one of the best games out there now. In this one, you play as a group of civilians who are trying to survive a war situation. You’ll have to outsmart and avoid enemy snipers, gather items, keep people alive, and make some difficult decisions. Like other games on this list, the game is randomized so each play will be slightly different. It’s a bit on the expensive end at $14.99, but it’s so good that most people who have bought the game don’t mind.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

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If we missed any of the best survival games for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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